Sonico – Octet

SONICO (Belgium) presents their third studio album, “Piazzolla – Rovira: The Edge of Tango”, as an octet on 17th September 2021. This album includes, for the first time together, the music of the Octeto Buenos Aires (Piazzolla) and the Octeto La Plata (Rovira), key groups at the forefront of modern tango. The repertoire of this double album is made up of 16 works that not only recovers previously recorded but lost, material but also includes four previously unreleased pieces.

SONICO, created in Brussels in 2015, has dedicated itself to recovering the music of Eduardo Rovira, often mistakenly considered to be “the other Piazzolla”. In August 2018, SONICO presented their first album, “Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia”, at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival.  
In March 2021, SONICO celebrated the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla’s birth at the Klara festival / BOZAR (BE). This concert, broadcasted on Belgian public TV, was hailed as the most-watched of the entire festival. In September 2022, SONICO will be part of A BIGGER THING, the creation of choreographer Lisi Estarás that will open the 22/23 season of the Vlaamse Opera (Ghent, Belgium). 

The members of SONICO are:
Lysandre Donoso (FR/CL) bandoneón; Carmela Delgado (FR/SP) bandoneón; Stephen Meyer (USA/BE) violin; Daniel Hurtado Jimenéz (SP) violin; Oscar Quiñonez (MX) viola; Guillaume Lagravière (FR) cello; Camilo Cordoba (AR/IT) electric guitar; Ariel Eberstein (AR/BE) double bass; Ivo De Greef (BE) piano.

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