Happy birthday Piazzolla!

SONICO celebrates Astor Piazzolla’s centennial

Klara Festival – 20/03/2021 – 20:00 | Live Streaming


On the occasion of Astor Piazzolla’s hundredth birthday, the renowned Brussels tango ensemble SONICO previews its latest album at Klarafestival

Piazzolla – Rovira: The Edge of Tango reconstructs the music of the first avant-garde tango group: Astor Piazzolla’s mythical Octeto Buenos Aires. As the tango nuevo was not a revolution of one, SONICO also performs music by the  Argentine composer Eduardo Rovira and his Octeto La Plata

The Octeto Buenos Aires , formed in 1955 by the Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla  is known as the pioneer in the creation of a new genre called “tango nuevo“, an approach to tango which, until then, had been dominated by the traditional “orquesta típicas” of the 1930s and 1940s. Nevertheless, it wasn´t a solitary revolution.

SONICO’s project seeks to show a bigger spectrum of this movement through the figure of the Argentinian composer Eduardo Rovira and the Octeto La Plata.

The scores of the Octeto La Plata were partially lost during the La Plata (Argentina) flood in 2013 and Piazzolla burned his own Octeto Buenos Aires music in Punta del Este (Uruguay).

This programe is based on the recovery by SONICO of the Octeto Buenos Aires and the Octeto La Plata scores, which has been lost until now.

Piazzolla and Rovira performed on the same evening only once, on March 8, 1966 at a venue called Gotàn. That night, Astor Piazzolla and Eduardo Rovira produced one of the most unforgettable chapters of the musical history of Buenos Aires.  

SONICO wishes to bring back to the present this key moment that brought together both avant-garde tango creators for the first and only time, more than 50 years ago.

To see the concert follow this link > https://www.klarafestival.be/en/concert/happy-birthday-piazzolla

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