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4 cours théoriques (durée 1h30).

Ouvert à tous les niveaux

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What is the subject of the course?

In this seminar, the fundamental concepts of tango music will be analysed: melody, rhythm, counterpoint, typical orchestra styles, etc.

The course is aimed at any tango dancer or tango lover.

In addition to Camilo Cordoba's musical analysis, the practical classes will benefit from the contribution of guest dance maestros with whom we will work specifically on the subjects seen during the classes. 

Musicality workshop - module 1

ONLINE lessons

Module 1 - 150€

English / Français

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Musicality workshop


The course is presented in different correlative modules. The information provided in one module will be necessary and compulsory to be able to follow the next module.

Module 1 :

Introduction to basic concepts: rhythm, melody, accompaniment, form.

Module 2

Analysis of the most famous typical orchestras. Among them: Pugliese, Troilo, Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Caló, Tanturi, etc.

Module 3

Reinforcement of the concepts seen in module 1, counterpoint, layers, instrumentation, variations, solos, and more. 

Deepening and advanced analysis of the orchestras already studied.

# In all modules we will listen to and analyse clear examples of the most famous orchestras. 

# The analysis is directly focused on the development of musicality and is accompanied by examples and/or suggestions for dance steps.


During the course the student will be able to:

- improve their "active listening" to music,

- deepen their recognition of the musical styles of orchestras,

- become aware of the information offered by the music,

- develop a personal interpretation in dance,

- acquire arguments that will reinforce personal taste,

- refine aesthetic decision-making in musical interpretation.

Why will this course excite you?

Learn the characteristics of tango music

Starting from the basic concepts of music theory, we will analyse the most relevant characteristics of traditional danceable tango music.

All the analysis is directly focused on the development of musicality, and accompanied by examples and/or proposals for dance steps.

Orquestas típicas de Tango de la época de oro - analyse des styles​

We will go through and analyse the styles of the most popular tango orchestras in the milonga.

This is the favourite section of all dancers and music lovers!

Examples in audio and video

Develop your personal style

It is very important to point out that the development of musicality is personal (it is what will give us our unique identity and personality). 

Therefore, although some examples are suggested, the idea of this course is that each person can work out for themselves which dance techniques to use for each musical moment. 

The secret to discover

In principle, musicality is considered an innate virtue of the artist. But in reality, musicality can be acquired through understanding and work.

There are different ways of being musical. Rhythm seems to be the most obvious connection to music. We can also follow the melody, counterpoint, or an instrument, and now change our reference while listening.

The more we understand certain aspects of the music, the more tools we have to generate a more elaborate interpretation. 

As an introduction, I invite you to read the article: What is musicality. ( FR / ESP only, read more)


Camilo Córdoba

Argentinean guitarist, arranger and composer based in Brussels since 2016, he has a long career and international recognition as a professional musician specialising in tango (in all its variants: traditional, contemporary and fusion) since 2002.

Advisor on Latin American music for the BOZAR MUSIC / Palais des Beaux-Arts department in Brussels (Belgium), where he curates the "100 years of tango" concert series.

He has participated in important international festivals such as the Glastonbury Festival (UK), Jazz al Parque (CO), Virada Cultural (BR), Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires (ARG), Canarias Jazz Heineken (ES), FIA (CR), Vive Latino (MX), Festivalito de Tango de Hong Kong (HK), among others.

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Meet our certified specialist

  Camilo Córdoba
     Professional Tango Musician

Professional tango musician for over 15 years.
Among the most renowned guitarists in Europe.
He is member of several internationally renowned groups.

He is also a tango dancer and author of our most popular course: "Understanding the Essence of Tango" Musicality workshop.

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  • Saint Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

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