The Edge of Tango – full concert video

The Edge of Tango _ live _ full concert video

Performing Astor Piazzolla's arrangements for the Octeto Buenos Aires

“The Edge of Tango” is a group of renowned tango musicians united in this common project for the recovery of the material and repertoire created in the mid 1950’s by two great Argentine composers who marked the history of modern tango. 

They are Astor Piazzolla and Eduardo Rovira. Each with their own formations: Astor Piazzolla’s Octeto Buenos Aires and Eduardo Rovira’s Octeto La Plata have revolutionised and changed tango forever.

The group culminates this process of research and hard interpretative work with the recording of a double album under the same name “The Edge of Tango”.

Among the compositions, the beginnings of traditional tango are represented by Rosendo Mendizábal. 

The main composers of the Decarean school are also present, including Julio De Caro himself and the bandoneonist Pedro Maffia, as well as their highly regarded counterpart Juan Carlos Cobián, whose works were of great harmonic and melodic interest. 

Finally, several exponents of modern tango are included, such as Horacio Salgán and José Pascual, in addition to compositions by Horacio Malvicino and Piazzolla himself.

The only surviving original manuscript of an arrangement is that of the tango Arrabal, since Piazzolla burned a large part of his scores. 

The members of “The Edge of Tango” are:
Lysandre Donoso bandoneón; Carmela Delgado bandoneón; Stephen Meyer violin; Daniel Hurtado Jimenéz violin; Oscar Quiñonez viola; Guillaume Lagravière cello; Camilo Cordoba electric guitar; Ariel Eberstein double bass; Ivo De Greef piano.

Recorded by “The Edge of Tango” Octet at Minard (Gent, Belgium, the 4th April 2021) 

Full concert - track by track