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Camilo Córdoba

Biography Electric & clasical guitar He has studied at E.M.P.A (Buenos Aires – Argentina), where he did the Jazz and Tango career studying with maestros such as Anibal Arias andContinue readingCamilo Córdoba


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Juan Pablo Navarro trio @ L'An Vert _ Liège

Ensemble 22 trio @ Tango Celebration _ Brugge

Ensemble 22 trio @ Dietrich-Keuning-Haus _ Dortmund

Ensemble 22 trio @ Les Nuits d'Opale _ Boulogne sur Mer

28 ago. - 18 sept. | TOUR Latin America _ Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia.

Ensemble 22 trio _ Citizen's Garden _ EU Parliament Brussels

Ensemble 22 trio @ GC De Kam _ Wezembeek

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