Progressive Tango

Violentango´s work is based on the concept of expansion, which takes tango as a departure stage and widens its horizons into a new version of the genre. The quintet’s music merges the tango, jazz and progressive rock that appeared in Buenos Aires on the ’60s and ’70s. Their rhythm and sound experimentation makes them an important part of the new music scene in Buenos Aires. This unique sound certainly delivers an irresistibly powerful combination to dazzle audiences with a mesmerizing technical display of musicianship, yet delivered with the obligatory rock attitude. The band has released five albums and they have been on national and international tours 30 times in the past ten years playing in festivals like, “Glastonbury Festival”, “Vive Latino”, Canarias Jazz”, “Virada Cultural”, “ Jazz al Parque”, “Nisville Jazz Festival”, “Savassi Jazz Festival” , FIT festival internacional de teatro”, Paraty Latino”, “Festival América do Sul”, between many others.


  • Violentango are part of the national identity of Argentina, being granted the status of ̈Brand Ambassadors ̈ for the country in 2013.
  • Declared to be of “Cultural and Artistic Interest” by the Argentine Ministry of Culture.(2012)
  • Declared to be of “Cultural and Artistic Interest” by the Argentine Ministry of ForeignAffairs, International Trade. (2012)

The Show

Their show is categorized by its strong dramatic presentation, which combines frenetic passages with yet others of relaxation and reflection. By catching the audience’s attention through this approach, the spectators will experience a journey through various emotional states, whilst enjoying the musicians’ performances on stage. Violentango delivers an energetic Modern Tango, approached through improvisations combining traditional tango themes with rock influences. The music reflects a detailed search for new sounds.

The music reflects a detailed search for new sounds. A revolutionary new concept for tango is set to emerge this summer with the arrival of a sensational new act from Buenos Aires. Violentango are a five-piece instrumental band from Argentina currently taking South America by storm with a startling new version of tango. This innovation redefines the traditional standard, heralding a brand new chapter in the already turbulent history of tango music.



video reel

live concert full (2018)

“Barceluna” – Violentango @Virada Cultural 2016

Press – TV

Vision 7 – Tv Argentina

“Vivo en Argentina” – TV Publica

Ao vivo no Metrópolis (Brasil)

Violentango ao vivo Noturno Brasil

TV Publica Argentina


La Nación : “El cover tiene fechade vencimiento”

Pagina 12 : ” Escape Porteño”

Clarín : “Tango Moderno”

Tiempo Argentino: “Amamos el tangoy nos marcó el rock”

Pagina 12: “Hay que convivir conotras músicas”

Tiempo Argentino: “Somos una nuevaidea de Tango”

Tiempo Argentino: “Por primerasvez preparamos un disco en calma”

Revista Oh! Magnolia: “Hacemostango desde nuestra perspectiva”

“Hay que convivir con otras músicas” /  Página 12 / Argentina (2011)

“De tangos redondos, rocanroles arrabaleros y otras yerbas” / El Argentino / Argentina (2011)

“Entre Grela y los Redondos” / Página 12 / Argentina (2010)