The Edge of Tango

Piazzolla - Rovira : The Edge of Tango

Astor Piazzolla and Eduardo Rovira are commonly portrayed as the two pioneering pioneers of
“tango nuevo” and it is often debated who was the first to modernize tango. The first important
impetus to the development of modern tango was made by Piazzolla in 1955 with the Octeto
Buenos Aires. The following year, Rovira joined the Octeto La Plata.

While nothing definitive has emerged from that debate, the unanswered question was the perfect starting point
for SONICO’s third album “Piazzolla-Rovira: The Edge of Tango”.. This recording is based on the recovery
of Octeto Buenos Aires scores, which were burned by Piazzolla himself, as well as the scores of the Octeto La
Plata, which were partially lost during a flood. Here, the music of both octets has been placed next to one
another for the first time.

With these ensembles, the two protagonists explored the boundaries (“the edge”) of  tango for the first time. 

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