Quinteto Ensueños

The Quinteto Ensueños was born from the fortuitous encounter of these five musicians by the different stages and festivals around Europe. 

Led by Camilo Córdoba on guitar & artistic direction, in 2018 they’ve decided to converge towards this common project that invites the encounter between music and dance.

The name of the quintet “Ensueños” refers to one of the first quintets with guitar of the tango history: the Quinteto Real from Horacio Salgan. His magnificent version of the homonymous tango “Ensueños” turns out to be one of the most popular pieces for dance from a quintet formation. This special name is an invitation for dancers and the general public to get carried away by the subtle arrangements for traditional tangos. 


Negracha (O. Pugliese)

Felicia (arr. Chloë Pfeiffer)

Shusheta (Cobián) 

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