SONICO, created in Brussels (Belgium) in 2015, has rescued the repertoire of Argentine composer Eduardo Rovira, often mistakenly considered ‘the other Astor Piazzolla’. However, Rovira, was a key composer in the creation of “new tango,” who made his own imprint during the Buenos Aires vanguard of the 1960s

Stephen Meyer (USA) – Violin
Ivo De Greef (BE) – Piano
Camilo Cordoba (AR) – Guitar
Ariel Eberstein (AR) – Double bass
Lysandre Donoso (FR) – Bandoneon

In August 2018, SONICO presented their first album “Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia” (CD /LP) at the Festival de Tango BA (Argentina). In March 2019, the European release of their first album was performed at BOZAR, Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels.

In just four years of existence, SONICO has become one of the most interesting contemporary tango ensembles, performing in several festivals and concert halls through Europe and Latin America such as: Brussels Jazz Flagey (BE), Pietrasanta in Concerto (IT), Usina del Arte (ARG), Tarbes Tango (FR), Schouwburg Leuven (BE), Scène Nationale Montbéliard (FR), Lateinamerikawoche Nürnberg (DE), Tango Brutal (NL), Midi-minimes (BE), Auditorium Esch (LUX), Plataforma Lavarden (ARG), Jazz à Verviers (BE), etc.

SONICO has developed a strong artistic relation with choreographer Lisi Estaras (MONKEYMIND / Les Ballets C de la B). In May 2019, SONICO received an artistic grant from the Flemish Community to explore the relationship between Eduardo Rovira and contemporary dance during several residencies at Tanzhaus Zurich (CH), Scène Nationale Montbéliard (F) and Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa, (I). In March 2020, MY HEART IS THE MUSCLE WE LIKE TO WORK OUT, the first work inspired by the music of Eduardo Rovira, premiered at the Grote Post in Ostende (Belgium) with dance and choreography by Lisi Estaras and Ido Batash.

“Eduardo Rovira : Inédito e Inconcluso ” 

In December 2019, SONICO recorded their second album, “Eduardo Rovira: Inédito e Inconcluso” (CD/LP/EP) at the Academiezaal (Sint-Truiden). In this album, SONICO has deepened their search for the musical essence of Eduardo Rovira. The album is the result of an important project of investigation, transcription and interpretation that has recovered 14 pieces based on manuscripts and non-commercial recordings.

On February 21, SONICO will perform MY HEART IS THE MUSCLE WE LIKE TO WORK OUT at the KVS – Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg.  In March 2021, SONICO will make its 3rd album avant-première début at ” 100 year Piazzolla” BOZAR/Klara festival together with Pablo Ziegler (Piazzolla’s quintet piano player) to celebrate the anniversary of the famous Argentinian “tango nuevo” composer Astor Piazzolla!

In September 2021, SONICO will present their second album  “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso”  during a Latin American tour through Argentina, Uruguay, Chili and Peru.

“Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia”

“Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia” is the first album which exclusively features pieces written by Eduardo Rovira. This recording, made at the National Opera of Belgium (“La Monnaie”) in January 2018, includes 12 of Eduardo Rovira’s compositions and original arrangements. “Eduardo Rovira: La Otra Vanguardia” was chosen as one of the top 10 tango albums by Billboard magazine.




Very few musicians have taken as much risk and crossed as many borders as Eduardo Rovira. His innovations in tango let even Astor Piazzolla to say “there was a time that Rovira was more revolutionary than me.” He suffered – like Astor – from the indifference of the public at a time when the decline of the music of Buenos Aires as the favorite  started at the hands of a giant wave of styles that changed the culture not only in Buenos Aires but also around the world. However, his work was like a gem ready to be discovered and to astonish those who have the same curiosity and nonconformity of the so established.
by Carlos Rosa, journalist