The Heart is the Muscle we like to Work out

A new dance and live music performance created by Lisi Estaras and Ido Batash. Inspired by the music of the Argentinian composer EduardoRovira premiered 5th march 2020, De Grote Post, Ostend, Belgium

Lisi Estaras & Ido Batash | MonkeyMind Company
Lisi Estaras and Ido Batash first met in 2012 during the process of creating Alain Platel’s production C(H)OEURS. They soon sensed a close kinship in their approach to movement. They both have a penchant for agitating movements consisting of a succession of impulses that are each broken off so as to spring in a different direction, at a new tangent. This is the essence of the ‘monkey mind’ after which the company is named: it is the endless chattering in your head when you jump from one thought to the next as a monkey does from tree to tree. Their foundations are instinctive movements and the stream of thoughts.

Cast and Credits

Choreography & Dance
Lisi Estaras
Ido Batash

Eduardo Rovira

Lysandre Donoso (bd)
Ivo de Greef (pn)
Camilo Cordoba (gt)
Stephen Meyer (vl)
Ariel Eberstein (db)