Musicality Workshop

Musicality workshop

The secret to discover

In principle, musicality is considered an innate virtue of the artist. But in reality, musicality can be acquired through understanding and work.

There are different ways of being musical. Rhythm seems to be the most obvious connection to music. We can also follow the melody, counterpoint, or an instrument, and now change our reference while listening.

The more we understand certain aspects of the music, the more tools we have to generate a more elaborate interpretation. 

As an introduction, I invite you to read the article: What is musicality. ( FR / ESP only, read more)

What is the subject of the course?

In this seminar, the fundamental concepts of tango music will be analysed: melody, rhythm, counterpoint, typical orchestra styles, etc.

The course is aimed at any tango dancer or tango lover.

In addition to Camilo Cordoba‘s musical analysis, the practical classes will benefit from the contribution of guest dance maestros with whom we will work specifically on the subjects seen during the classes.